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The history of this place


Vodka factory, vulcanization or a colonial shop?
What can these industries have in common? Well, a lot, you can also add gastronomy and a shop with screws and tools. It is all connected by the history of the tenement house at 3 Kazimierza Brodzińskiego Street in Krakow.
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House at 3 Brodzińskiego Street

One of the most interesting buildings of this former Austrian city is located in the heart of Stary Podgórze, at the crossroads of currently Staromostowa and Brodzińskiego Streets. However, the history of the tenement house at ul. Brodzińskiego 3 goes much further, namely to the 17th century. At that time, it was a one-story building with a large, wide roof, similar to the old inns. No wonder, because the oldest evidence speaks of a horse pasture located here, where merchants and travelers could feed and water their worn-out teams. A few centuries later, in the middle of the last century, "similar" services were provided in the same place, but for motorists - there was a vulcanization plant here.

It might seem that this is a colorful enough story, but that's not all. >>> read more


Former "metal" shop

According to archival records, in the past, the building housed a colonial shop, while at another time it was used for the production of vodkas and liqueurs, as well as a fish canning factory, where fish coming to Krakow on barges on the Vistula were packed into cans.  Until today, the inhabitants of Podgórze have never forgotten the "metal" shop, where in the years 1981 - 2017 you could buy everything from bolts and nuts.

Currently, the entire ground floor of the tenement house, which was extended in the 19th century,  they occupy three restaurants, including Monkey Business.

Unconfirmed sources claim that there was an inn there in the past.

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