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Time for LUNCH? ORDER any deep dish Chicago
pizza 14% cheaper in delivery

promotion validTuesday to Thursday  from 12:00 - 17:00 except holidays, includes every Chicago deep dish pizza. To obtain a discount, you must enter the "CHICAGO" discount code. Special offer ONLINE orders only via page www.monkeybusiness.pl/

ONLY 3 STAINS and you will get for FREE PIZZA or COFFEE

collect stamps for coffee or Italian pizza

* free coffee is one of the basic coffees (without alcohol, whipped cream), free pizza is any Italian pizza 30 cm from the menu - any extras are extra paid.  The promotion is valid only for PERSONAL ORDERS WITH PERSONAL COLLECTION.


sets available from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays from 12:00 - 17:00,  for PLN 32 in the set: soup of the day + small Italian pizza or Chicago + drink - available both with delivery (without drink), as well as personal collection and on site, also possible to order ONLINE via the website  www.monkeybusiness.pl/zamow-online

>>> For orders with delivery, the order amount must be in line with the zone's minimum order limit

"HAPPY HOURS" until 17:00

sets available from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays from 12:00 - 17:00, sets for 2 people also available, online ordering via the website 


>>> in the case of orders with delivery, the order amount after the discount must comply with the minimum order limit of the given zone

Do you pick it up in person?
you pay 21% less!


promotion validMON.-FRI. from 12:00 - 18:00, except on public holidays, includes all Chicago deep dish pizza and appetizers, discount code "PICKUP" is required, promotiononly for orders with personal collection placed ONLINEvia page www.monkeybusiness.pl/

collect points monkey stars
and exchange them for discounts and even pay them for everything on our menu

  • For every PLN 1.00 spent, earn 1 point

  • Become a member and earn 50 points

  • Exchange 10 points for a PLN 1 rebate for an online order in a restaurant


The Monkey Stars loyalty program works only online via the website www.monkeybusiness.pl


The accumulated points can only be exchanged for rewards in the form of a discount when placing online orders.


Place any order ONLINE with the code

" KARTARABATOWA " (enter in the place of the discount code),  you will receive a 7% discount today, and we will contact you to provide our discount card with a monkey giving you an unlimited discount


The rebate card is a permanent rebate (not works for promotional sets and Italian pizza), regardless of the day, hour and our entire menu. The card works both in the restaurant and when placing online orders via monkeybusiness.pl

Promotions cannot be combined with each other or with special offers, e.g. discount codes do not apply to lunch sets or when picking up with a discount you can no longer get a stamp :)

On the other hand, you CAN use the monkey stars program at the same time, i.e. both collect points when placing your online orders, and pay with them even for orders with discounts or special offers.

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