Why did we create MONKEY BUSINESS? Because we love good food, music and the company of friends. We have always wanted to share our joy that we derived from enjoying good cuisine and company, not only with a group of close friends, but meeting new people with a similar attitude to life. That's how the idea arose to create a restaurant that serves much more than just a pizza.


MONKEY BUSINESS was established in a unique place in Krakow at ul. Brodzińskiego 3 (corner of Staromostowa), where for several decades there was a shop with screws and tools. The history of the building in the heart of Podgórze, by the Vistula River and Father Bernatka Footbridge, however, goes back to the early 17th century. According to data from the city archives, there was once a bait here, i.e. a resting point for horses and cabs, a vodka and liqueur factory, packing into cans of fish that flowed along the Vistula shoulders, as well as a colonial store.

Because this is a unique place, so is the restaurant :) That's why at MONKEY BUSINESS - PIZZA & MORE, in addition to classic Italian pizza, you can taste American Deep Dish Pizza, i.e. "CHICAGO PIZZA", which arouses interest to the extent that our guests come specially from other cities to taste it :)


What is characteristic of this American specialty: the dough with the addition of corn flour is not thick, but it is lined with a high form, and the center is filled with any stuffing, cheese and sauces. In cross section it resembles tart. This dish is baked in a pizza oven for up to 30 minutes.


Chicago pizza is not only tasty, but also extremely filling.


In addition to Italian and American pizza in MONKEY BUSINESS you will eat dishes straight from the grill, delicious pasta, filling salads and interesting appetizers and desserts.


But that's not all - we promise more :)




An idea for a party?

Monkeys at the party?

Our monkeys are not only an element of the restaurant's decor. Sometimes they appear suddenly, especially during closed events. Who would not want a pizza with chocolate sauce and bananas to serve ... A monkey?



3 Kazimierza Brodzińskiego St. 

(entrance from 1 Staromostowa St.)
30-506 Kraków (center of Old Podgórze)

12:00-22:00 and often longer ;) 

Phone: (+48) 603 225 224

Email: restauracja@monkeybusiness.pl

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